We all start somewhere.

A beginning, a start, the first steps of a new journey. That’s what this blog is to me.  It’s an opportunity for me to share my thoughts, my feelings and more importantly, my writing with the world.

I’m keeping this first post as a sticky, for myself mostly, so I can be constantly reminded of my goals, and keep my aim focused on where I want to be.

It’s also a sticky, so that I can be found, all around the internet, which means less doubling up and repetition for me.  Which is a good thing, because I’m lazy…. :P

I will be updating this site at least once a week. Wednesdays will be my regular blogging day, posts on this day will be “my life” stories, I’ll share what’s been happening, what’s going to be happening, my thoughts, my feelings and general stuff about my life.

I will also have random posts, whenever I see something I feel the need to write about, I will share clips and excerpts of stories or projects I’m working on. If I have big events coming up, I’ll post pics and share little journal entries as I feel like it.

This blog will be an active one, and I hope that anyone reading it, will share with me, and comment and travel with me on my little adventure!

Links you might want….

1. Poetfreak. I post my poetry here, I don’t update regularly, but I’m trying to.

2. Tumblr. A lot of reblogs, I don’t claim 90% of the stuff on there, but every now and then there’s something worth looking at.

3. *watch this space* I may actually start using twitter again, or maybe something even more exciting, you never know….